Lab Testing

All of Lepow Extracts‘ edibles are sent to regulated analytical testing facilities to ensure that they meet internal standards, state regulations, and are safe for human consumption. Our Rick Simpson Oil undergoes a decarboxylation process which makes THC and other cannabinoids orally active. This process also kills any potential spores that can harm human health. The RSO is then sent to a state-certified analytical laboratory to test for unsafe levels of heavy metals, pesticides, and microbial spores. In addition, they also confirm the potency of oils and ensure that it is free of residual ethanol.

LePow Extracts’ Edibles are made with our lab-tested RSO and go through rigorous laboratory testing as well. After each batch is produced, randomly selected samples are sent to an analytical laboratory for further testing.

Lab analysts make sure that potency is on target, ensuring that the effects are predictable. These specialists also double check for harmful contaminants again by looking for heavy metals and microbial.

We stand by each and every batch of concentrate and edibles that we produce and work relentlessly to ensure that our products are consistent and safe.

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